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Private Chat problem (using GameSurge)

Posted By: MMouse

Private Chat problem (using GameSurge) - 24/01/06 11:58 PM

Hi, I am using GameSurge as my IRC provider. And when I am using mIRC I cannot recieve Private Messages. When someone sends it to me the window does not appear with their nick in the channels (that I am in) toolbar (the thing with the currently active channels). Also I cannot recieve replies to the private messages that I send.

Please help,

Thank you smile
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Private Chat problem (using GameSurge) - 25/01/06 02:53 AM

Have you checked to see if private chats have been disabled?

Hit Alt+o to bring up the options dialog>In the treeview select the option "Others", then select the lock option...In the disabled section uncheck Private chats if it is currently checked. See if that helps
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