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Finding channels

Posted By: thebone

Finding channels - 20/01/06 04:27 AM

Hello all.

Still fairly new to mIRC, very new here.

Just wondering if there's a way to search for specific channels.

I know a server/network will list em, but is there a way to search ??

Just wondering about full album discussions, as opposed to mp3 discussions, things like that ?

Thanks in advanced !!!!!!!
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Finding channels - 20/01/06 06:01 AM

Try using Search IRC
Posted By: Jigsy

Re: Finding channels - 20/01/06 01:31 PM

/list #channelname
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Finding channels - 20/01/06 01:46 PM

There is a sticky thread on this issue, with the above suggestions and more.

Posted By: thebone

Re: Finding channels - 20/01/06 03:14 PM

Ok thank you gang !!!

Very much appreciated !!!!!
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