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Font Names

Posted By: Pent

Font Names - 03/01/06 07:40 AM

I'm trying to put together a dialog which will place all the font names into a combo box, problem is when I retrieve the font names from my machine they come back with their actual names instead of the refrence names which is what I'm trying to use,, below are a cople of the fonts and how their coming back.
comic sans -> comic
prestige elite oblique -> prestigo

below is the coding I'm trying to use, if some one has an answer to this problem PLEASE let me know.
  if (!$isfile($mircdir $+ def.fonts.ini)) { 
    var %fx = 1
    var %fontx = $findfile(C:\windows\fonts,*.ttf,%fx)
    if (%fontx == $null) { goto end }
    echo -a %fontx | inc %fx | goto loop
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: Font Names - 03/01/06 04:18 PM

you are retrieving the filenames of the fonts, not the font names in this manner...

how to get the font names, I don't know
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