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2 questions 'bout logging

Posted By: sazeMaster

2 questions 'bout logging - 17/12/05 05:29 PM

Hi all smile
I just wonder if:
1) can I log what is said in ALL the dcc chat windows by the counterparts?
2) can I set up mirc so I have all log files separated into files renamed per date? (I mean that if that log is 2 days long, I don't want a single log, but one log for each day..because mirc tends to leave only one file of the 2 days, named with the date of its creation..)

Posted By: RusselB

Re: 2 questions 'bout logging - 17/12/05 06:14 PM

Not sure about #1, but in regards to #2, in mIRC Options - IRC - Options - Logging, have Date filenames checked and select By Day in the drop down box just underneath that.

Your logs will be made on a day by day basis, with the switch over at 11:59:59 pm your local time.
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