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/background won't except URLs

Posted By: nryastew

/background won't except URLs - 15/11/05 01:54 AM

This is extremely frustrating. I got the latest version of mIRC. I've been able to use URL-based pics for my background in the status window, but only when I go through the options dialog for the window. What I want is to be able to do the same thing with /background, but mIRC keeps trying to go through the mirc directory instead of through my browser. Any ideas?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: /background won't except URLs - 15/11/05 02:18 PM

Why not just download the background?
Posted By: nryastew

Re: /background won't except URLs - 17/11/05 08:50 AM

I'm looking to make this instant and temporary. When I use the URL, the pic is stored in my temp directory and that's exactly what I need it to do. I've made it so that it uses the site as a sort of fileserver...all the pics are numbered and it was easy to script to accomodate for that. But now the problem is something small--when using /background, mIRC defaults to the mIRC directory instead of accepting the URL. I'm hoping there's some way around it, but It's starting to seem pointless.
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