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Hi i'm new here and need help

Posted By: WhiteFang

Hi i'm new here and need help - 24/02/03 06:59 PM

I have done a search and didn't find it so i'll ask it here

Recantly someone managed to cause an error in the WinXP
and caused it to shutdown frown

After studying the subject a bit i found out how it was done and also that it is possible to configure in the computer management that it will prevent such from happening

If any of you know how and what to do to to fix this plz post it ASAP

Thanks smile
Posted By: Poppy

Re: Hi i'm new here and need help - 24/02/03 07:32 PM

What exact error/disconnect message are you getting?
Posted By: WhiteFang

Well it says - 24/02/03 07:44 PM

"An error has eccured, windows wil lshutdown in 45 seconds, plz close all..... blah blah blah"

The point is, that person hacked into my computer using the mIRC (I know so cause he warned me my comp will shutdon cause i told him something), and i read that mIRC can be used as a server for this sort of things

Eitherway i saw that it could be solved by changing something int he computer managment panel

PLZ help
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Well it says - 24/02/03 09:20 PM

probably an older version of mirc ur using and has an exploit in it .. or ur using a script that has a bug in it ..... id try running a virus scann first and then if u have found this problem out maybe sharing whatever u have done to others as well as im unaware what it is u had done to u and well id like to know if this is a possible thing id have to worry about too
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Well it says - 25/02/03 06:50 AM

IF you have downloaded an infected file/script or clicked on an infected url, then yes, you could have a trojan or backdoor on your puter that allows someone access. I would suggest a virus scan, this web page is a free online scanner that catches a lot of IRC viruses others miss. I would also check out any scripts you have loaded and get rid of any you dont know exactly what they do.
Posted By: WhiteFang

I did what u said - 25/02/03 06:59 AM

but there's no difference. There were no viruses (got the newest McAfee) , my mIRC version is 6.03 and i'm not using scripts except one which was made by a good friend of mine (whose a proffesional) and it has no apperent bugs

*Edit: I also used that online virus scanner..... found nothing

"id like to know if this is a possible thing id have to worry about too" <----- no doubt about it !!!!!!

when that guy told me that i shouldn't what i said and that my comp will shutdown cause of what i said i didn't believe him

however, my comp did shutdown so i think we should all be worried. As far as i understood (and I did some study about it lately) this is not a script nor virus problem.
By what i read the mIRC can be used as a client / server and allow the outside user to get to the same processes you can (for example the Alt+Ctrl+Del menu and close down an importent process which causes the comp to shutdown, like in my case) because of the NT Authentication something. I know there is such a trigger in the computer management and i know it can be solved through there, I'm simply not sure what should I change.
Posted By: Hammer

Re: I did what u said - 25/02/03 08:07 AM

You need to get the latest updates/patches for Windows. Sounds to me like you're running XP (pre-service pack 1). There is a known "issue" with RPC that will allow malicious code to run (usually trying to read a memory address out of range) which results in your computer shutting itself down.

Also, you might strongly consider turning on your firewall to prevent such code from hitting your system in the first place.
Posted By: WhiteFang

Thanks - 25/02/03 03:32 PM

Actually I heared about what you said before, just wasn't sure if it's true.

Either way I have Installed Service Pack 1 (I hope it really helps)

Anyway thanks for the help people smile
Posted By: Om3gA

Re: Thanks - 26/02/03 03:55 AM

you know he probably only did a buffer overflow or used one of the control exploits... xp isnt all that hard to haxor into .... well no copy of winblows is hard to haxor not that i do that kinda stuff.... oh and McAfee is a joke no matter how new it is... id recommend symantec norton a/v 2k3 pro or better... though ur not gettin to much better then norton... oh right and get a real firewall xp's firewall doesnt do a thing
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