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copiing with colors

Posted By: LethPhaos

copiing with colors - 08/09/05 01:41 PM

To ,copy text with the colors, we use ctrl during copiing, but how to make it it always copies the control codes?

This is implemented in noname and I would like to implement it in my own mIRC smile

EDIT: I suppose it should be moved to scripting help because I relooked the options and couldn't find anything.
Posted By: David_James

Re: copiing with colors - 09/09/05 04:53 AM

When you copy text, press CTRL + C and paste it.
Posted By: LethPhaos

Re: copiing with colors - 09/09/05 08:34 AM

no, copiing works by selecting text, thats enough in mIRC. If you press ctrl while doing this, you copy with the color codes.

What I want is to always copy with the color codes, without having to press ctrl.
Posted By: LethPhaos

Re: copiing with colors - 09/09/05 12:51 PM

Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: copiing with colors - 10/09/05 03:46 AM

I'd hate to see it any other way, I think it's far more efficient holding in thr CTRL key because I'm not one for colours. However I think if there was a mIRC option to do both with the mouse when dragging with no CTRL not pressed that'd be cool. But I reckon would probaby have to be switched off by default because you
re using the mouse to strip it anyway right?

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