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Posted By: fobz

authorisation - 19/07/05 10:32 AM

Hey, i have created a script for specific opers on my server. The only problem is my script is not recognising me on the remote script. On oper my vhost auto sets to @netadmin.pcpsolutions.info and the script thats ment to recongise me and do what i tell it to do is:

on *:text:.deowner*:#:{
  if ($address($nick,2) == *@netadmin.pcpsolutions.info) {
    if ($2 ison $chan) {
      mode $chan -q $2
      msg $chan 7 $+ $nick 10removed the channel owner status from7 $2 $+ 10.
    else {
      msg $chan 10Sorry7 $nick $+ 10, but7 $nick 10wasn't found in7 $chan $+ 10.
  else {
    msg $chan 10Sorry7 $nick $+ 10, but you are not authorized to use this command.

and a whois info on me is:

Rich is pcp@netadmin.pcpsolutions.info * rich
Rich is using modes +iowghraAsxNWt +kcfvGqso
Rich is connecting from *@192.168.*.*** 192.168.*.***
Rich is a registered nick
Rich on +#opers +#lounge +#tewt
Rich using irc.pcpsolutions.info PCP Solutions IRC Server
Rich is a Network Administrator
Rich is available for help.
Rich has been idle 33mins 47secs, signed on Mon Jul 18 00:32:55
Rich End of /WHOIS list.

i am sitll not able to get it working, please could someone assist me

thnx Richard
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: authorisation - 19/07/05 01:11 PM

if ($address($nick,2) == *!*@netadmin.pcpsolutions.info)

You did not provide a complete $address to match.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: authorisation - 19/07/05 02:08 PM

Also please note that this should've been in the Scripts & Popups section.
Posted By: fobz

Re: authorisation - 20/07/05 08:33 AM

Thanks guys, your help is appreciated.
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