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Cant chat.

Posted By: Mandark

Cant chat. - 12/07/05 02:08 PM

I am having problems with chatting on mIRC. I connect to a channel and find my name on the right side between other users' names. When I write something it displays on the board, but no one replies. I know you it sounds stupid, but I tried a lot of channels and servers but no one says there a word. I dont know what to do about it.
Thx for help.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Cant chat. - 12/07/05 02:20 PM

Not all channels are active. Just because users are there, doesn't mean they are at their computers or that they are watching mIRC or that they want to chat. Try a channel where you see a lot of people chatting. If your text is showing in the channel, people can see it unless you have a script blocking that (unlikely, but possible). You can always open mIRC twice and connect to the same network/channel and see if you see the text from the other mIRC. If so, then others definitely can.
Posted By: Alex1

Re: Cant chat. - 12/07/05 05:47 PM

As long as you not get "Can not send to channel", your text are showing up for other users.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Cant chat. - 12/07/05 07:15 PM

Usually, yes. This isn't necessarily the case, but is usually true.

When isn't it the case? A script for an on input can end up echoing text to the active window and halt the sending of it to the channel. There would be no error message in this case and it would appear to work normally except no one else would see your text. This could be a malicious script, or a scripting error. It's unlikely, but is possible... which is why I suggested testing it with another instance of mIRC to verify if it's sending the text to the channel or not.
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