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Voice commands

Posted By: RockHound

Voice commands - 29/06/05 02:17 AM

Just curious about this part of mIRC. I started to work a small script but the voice would not turn on. I used: /vcmd -lc on || /vcmd on both give me (* Voice commands startup failed). I asked a friend to do it to and he got the same thing. Anyone know why?
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Voice commands - 29/06/05 02:28 AM

Not too sure because I have never used the Voice Commands in mIRC but do you have any 'Speech Recgonition' software on your pc? If so is it turned on?

Posted By: RockHound

Re: Voice commands - 29/06/05 02:32 AM

It is on and tested.
Posted By: Collective

Re: Voice commands - 29/06/05 03:26 AM

I had this problem although I already had a speech recognition system installed (that which came with Office XP).

Fixed it by installing SAPI 4.0 runtime support and Microsoft® Speech Recognition Engine from here.
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