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Posted By: karizma

nick name - 15/05/05 12:38 AM

How do I get a real nick on excursion, Right now it is exuser 1, How do I change it?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: nick name - 15/05/05 01:17 PM

Alt-O > Connect. Enter your nickname there while disconnected.

Or, which connected, /nick newnick
Posted By: DV8

Re: nick name - 15/05/05 02:44 PM

Actually, you don't have to be connected to use /nick .

/nick newnick to change your main nick

/anick newnick to change your alternate nick
Posted By: karizma

Re: nick name - 16/05/05 01:31 AM

Posted By: RusselB

Re: nick name - 16/05/05 01:56 AM

actually, /nick newnick will change your current nick
/mnick newnick will change your main nick
/anick newnick will change your alternate nick
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