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Posted By: BobNorris

sounds - 22/03/05 11:05 PM


How can I get this to play a sound when someonw coms in and also a sound on message?
Posted By: DV8

Re: sounds - 23/03/05 04:26 AM

To play a sound when someone joins, press Alt+B then click on the 'Notify' tab at the top. Check the box marked 'Enabled' then click 'Add' and add the person's nick. Then right below, click the button for 'Sounds: Online' and find the path to the sound file you want to use. You can choose one for Offline also if you want.

To play a sound when someone messages you (I assume you mean private mgs/query), press Alt+O and click on 'Sounds'. Under 'On Event, play sound' choose Query/Chat from the drop list, then right below that click the button to find the path to the sound file you want to use.
Posted By: copericus

Re: sounds - 23/03/05 06:48 AM

or for an alternative a simple 1 line remote script

on !*:JOIN:#yourchan: splay soundfile.wav

just replace the channame with the name of your room and pick a wav file copy it into the main mirc folder and edit the soundfile.wav to the name of the wav file
Hope it helps
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