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Banned from Austnet servers

Posted By: MikeD19

Banned from Austnet servers - 16/02/03 12:27 PM

How do i get unbanned? I was banned unrightfully so, so im not very pleased.

I was in a room, and i got d/c'ed for no apparent reason. So i log back in and it has changed my name to my back up name, and my original name was still in the room. Then i d/c'ed to try and get them to both go away, and logged in under a different name. I then got banned from the SERVER. Heres what i get when i try to log back in

*** Connecting to au.austnet.org (6667)
Local host: TheRock.wn.com.au (
-spin.nsw.au.austnet.org- (G) Banned from this via gline mask dsp-202-72-133-59.perth.westnet.com.au : Banned from AustNet: Excess connections not permitted on Austnet (*!michael_da@dsp-202-72-133-59.perth.westnet.com.au). Please request a trigger if appropriate
*** (G) Banned from AustNet: Excess connections not permitted on Austnet (*!michael_da@dsp-202-72-133-59.perth.westnet.com.au). Please request a trigger if appropriate.
Closing Link: MikeD19 by spin.nsw.au.austnet.org (You are banned from this server. Email help@austnet.org for assistance)
*** Disconnected

How do i get myself unbanned? Ive emailed that email supplied, but id imagine thatll take a while before i get a reply, and i want back in ASAP because its not my fault.
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 16/02/03 01:00 PM

Something like that has happened to me once. When that happened to me at the time the clone limit was at 3 that may be the case with you...I was banned for close to a week because of it. But the thing that i would suggest is emailing the network admin and explain the situation you may or may not get a reply but it is worth a shot. Or try that email address that was given to you.. Theres a start on solving your dilemma. Hope this is somewhat helpful to ya.
Posted By: Skip

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 16/02/03 01:09 PM

The excess connection ban isn't for very long, only a few hours. Also note that the ban has only been set on your [email]user@host[/email] (a saving grace if you happen to be running multiple connections under the same [email]user@)[/email], so change your identd (/identd on <change>) to reconnect. The limit for [email]user@host[/email] connections on austnet is 3 (as you've just found out :P) and 4 from the same host if they all use a unique user@ (IIRC).

Hope that helps. smile

(just ignore the silly mailto: links..)
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 16/02/03 01:42 PM

You were banned for a valid reason, too many connections, even tho you were trying to correct a situation. When you made the second connection, apparently your first one was lagged and still showing as connected. Eventually that first connection would have pinged out. Disconnecting the second time wouldnt have solved that problem, btw. What you should have done was wait for the first one to ping out, or if it sat for a long time, ask an IRCoper to deal with it for you. I'm not familiar with austnet services, so i dont know if they have a ghost command, altho if it was badly lagged that mite not have helped anyway.

The ban is prolly short, but otherwise email the addy given and explain how it happened. And just as an fyi, if you try ban evading, its likely to get you in worse trouble.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 16/02/03 10:05 PM

What you just suggested he do is called ban evasion. And in 99.99% of the cases it is not going to help you. If I saw someone do such a thing to evade that kind of ban on my network, well that little say 20min ban just turned into 1 week. It is MUCH smarter to either a.) email the network and ask them to remove it, orb.) wait until it is automatically removed,
rather than evade the ban.
Posted By: theAncinetOne

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 17/02/03 12:02 AM

And just how would you ban someone for a week on a dialup account?
Posted By: Collective

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 17/02/03 12:14 AM

Ban whoever they had dialup with.
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 17/02/03 12:18 AM

A dynamic ban on the isp so yeah collective said it first LOL smile
Posted By: Skip

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 17/02/03 12:26 AM

I didn't feel I was telling him to ban evade. The services set a ban on a clients [email]user@host[/email] instead of just *@host in specific circumstances, perhaps they merely want some form of user intervention in the case of ghosted clients before a harsher ban is set. If they didn't want people to be able to reconnect under the same host they wouldn't provide the oppurtunity, nor would they waste resources required to check both [email]user@host[/email] connections and *@host connections.

A ban matches certain information, when a client no longer matches that certain information they are no longer banned. If you DONT wan't people to be able to change that information to bypass your ban then you shouldn't have set the ban like that in the first place. This would be like me banning 'Guest*' on a channel and asking people to change their nick, and then claiming they ban evaded.
Posted By: theAncinetOne

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 17/02/03 02:46 AM

Brilliant answers, NOT.
If you happen to have 4 people like that in Australia, each on major ISP (Telstra, Optus, iPrimus, iHug) you have just banned 50% of AUSTNET.

This is exactly why I'd like to see a really unique ident per person. Ban the person at fault, do not punish innocent chatters.


Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 17/02/03 03:02 AM

i thought we discussed this unique ident not being able to implement due to the fact someone can get around it in like 5 mins due to a socket connection??? i mean correct me if im wrong ...... but really it is a good idea ur tryin to come up with ..... its just alot harder to impliment just on Mircs side .... ud have to take away the ability to use socket connections to be able to modify that special ident ur talking about ....... if it could be implimented without taking away features then im all for it but i still dont see a away to be able to do that ..... if u do then please let me know your ideas
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Banned from Austnet servers - 17/02/03 02:20 PM

Serves Austnet right for being stupid enough to publish the ban mask. :tongue:
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