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dcc help?

Posted By: born2ball

dcc help? - 13/02/05 05:12 PM

(10:47) лл (LaZy-FiLeS-00): ** Sending you pack #4 ("Azureus_2.2.0.2_Win32.setup.exe"), which is 0B (resume supported)
(10:48) лл (LaZy-FiLeS-00): ** You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (150 seconds remaining until timeout)

How do I set my client to recieve the transfer?

Under DCC options I have it set to "ask" which I assume makes it so I have to approve it before it downloads. When I set it to resume instead of ask it just sends me the pack automatically which I dont mind but if the ask setting makes it so I have to approve whatever packets are trying to be sent to me id like to keep it on ask just dont know how to get files while im under the "ask" option thx for any and all help confused
Posted By: Mentality

Re: dcc help? - 13/02/05 05:19 PM

There is a sticky thread on the Connection Issues forum, please make sure you view them before posting smile - see here.

As said on the Azureus website, to avoid spyware, you should only download it from SourceForge.

Posted By: born2ball

Re: dcc help? - 13/02/05 07:38 PM

I know lol i was just testing a dl so i picked a random one so happend to be azuerus which i plan on switching to from abc to try out anyway I dont understand what that last message I posted meant

If I keep my options set to resume instead of ask does that mean everything thrown at me will be download (including viruses) without my consent?
Posted By: Mentality

Re: dcc help? - 13/02/05 07:44 PM

If you have Auto-Get set, then it will "automatically get" the file. Therefore, yes, you will accept anything if you have it set to 'resume' in the drop down list rather than 'Ask'.

mIRC isn't a file sharing program, and using it as such can be hazardous and illegal.

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