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command error reply

Posted By: guesseyder

command error reply - 08/02/03 07:24 PM

This is my first problem i can't figure out on my own by using google, mirc help or friends. Now it's time to call the guru's smile

Everybody knows the replies you get from your mirc when you use a command in the wrong way. E.g. if you would type /run without any parameters you would get: * /run: insufficient parameters

My question is the following (it sounds so simple...) How can i catch or check that error reply right after the call to the command (i want to know if the command has been executed properly or not). I need to catch that reply and store it in a variable.

I really can't figure this one out. Can anybody help me?

(ps. i prefer not to use /filter unless it's really neccesary)
Posted By: keeker

Re: command error reply - 08/02/03 10:26 PM

As far as i know, and i could be wrong, but mirc cannot catch its own errors. I KNOW it cant LOG the errors, but as for catching errors like /run insufficient parameters, i dont THINK it can catch it.
Posted By: PeteM

Re: command error reply - 08/02/03 11:57 PM

errors like "no such command" are replies from the server itself, otherwise you could try making something very cheap and i do mean nasty using $line("window,$line("window,0))bringing up the last line, and running it via a check of some type.. but apart from doing something like that, i can not see any other real way of finding it, that or re-write all the alias' smile
Posted By: guesseyder

Re: command error reply - 09/02/03 12:07 AM

well i know that unknown aliases are send via raw command 421 (if i'm not mistaken). But commands like run or echo or some other mirc-integrated commands don't seem to trigger any (error)event or store their error description in a variable. Perhaps this is an idea for a possible future update? smile
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