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i did a stupidity

Posted By: aceman

i did a stupidity - 15/11/04 08:43 AM

then, i cannot press right click at mirc.

does anyone know how to fix that?

tnx in adv.
Posted By: shockwav23

Re: i did a stupidity - 15/11/04 09:08 PM

Are you talking about not being able to right-click users (ie. right-click and do whois, kick etc...), or something else?

If the former, I too am having that problem. I am currently using mIRC v6.15. I have it installed on two different machines and both have the same problem.

I didn't notice that a new version is available (6.16) and if that is the fix, I will try it. Would just like to know what is wrong with what I have. I will also mention that I haven't registered the program yet, but have talked with some friends online and they said that that shouldn't matter.

TIA for any help.
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