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Forcing a font in a script

Posted By: JAFO

Forcing a font in a script - 04/11/04 12:50 AM

I wrote a little thing that tells people happy birthday, and has a little cake . Now when i execute it using font "A" it works, but when i use font "B" its not aligned.
Also if the other users are using font "B" it isn's aligned for them either. Knowing full well that not everyone is using the same font as me, i want to know if i can force it to execute in that font.
In other words, i use Comic Sans MS font , and i want this little thing to be seen by all users in that specific font, even if theyre using Tahoma font.

Also that goes for bold .. i use bold, can i force it to always be bold? I ask this because my wifes statements that contain both bold and regular font that she uses are reversed to me.(bold is regular , and regular is bold)

Thanks a lot!
Posted By: sparta

Re: Forcing a font in a script - 04/11/04 01:17 AM

where does your "cake" pop up? in a @windows ?
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Forcing a font in a script - 04/11/04 06:35 AM

You cannot force a font upon someobody else. If you define a font, it is only for the mIRC that the font is defined in. Everybody else will still see the text in the font they have chosen.
Posted By: JAFO

Re: Forcing a font in a script - 05/11/04 11:29 PM

Oh well .... its not like it was important, just trying to say happy birthday to a friend. I just did it in their font and dumped it.
Thanx for the info!
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