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channels empty with my bnc

Posted By: sprnova

channels empty with my bnc - 13/08/04 04:56 PM

Hi there,

I just got my BNC working with PSYbnc and it's going great.
I connect on 2 server.. Efnet and Quakenet.. with Efnet I just login with /j #channel with quakenet it's /j q~#channel..
And all efnet channels are good.. but with quakenet I join fine but I see no users...(???) I am in the channel though. I can chat with users and I see all incoming queries and messsages.. but I see no users
All users that connect after me I see... also I don't see myself opped .. but when I ask users if I am op.. they say that they see me oppen....
Can someone help???
Posted By: Mentality

Re: channels empty with my bnc - 13/08/04 05:10 PM

From my little experience with psyBNC I seem to remember there being a form of 'channel' that only users of the Psy can see, and I believe it was preceded with a ~ - with my little experience of Quakenet, I don't see the reason for the q~ to be mandatory? What does that mean? I have never had issues typing /join #channel on Quakenet. It could be that the q~ is 'fooling' PsyBNC and getting it mixed up.

If that is the case (which is purely an educated guess) then I can only think of using /join #channel as usual.

Posted By: zaz

Re: channels empty with my bnc - 14/08/04 06:48 PM

Try doing a /names q~#channel.

I am assuming the channel name is the same for both channels. The results should come back #channel and not q~#channel so mIRC does not know the proper target for the updated names. Mostly this is a flaw with the BNC.

mIRC does support multiple servers/connections so you might want to up your BNC to allow two client connections and connect to it twice from mIRC. Then the client will properly handle all the different networks, channels, queries etc.
Posted By: sprnova

Re: channels empty with my bnc - 15/08/04 03:08 PM

Hmm... I'll try all that.. but the strange thing is... and always is with PC's is that it worked fina @ first..... right now I discovered that when I open IRC all my channels popup... with no users... I have to close channel and reconnect... and THEN I see all users... wtf is that??
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