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DCC Recieve problems.

Posted By: Corran

DCC Recieve problems. - 12/08/04 11:24 AM

Most people seem to have problems sending files but I can do that no problems. I can#t recieve any files my mates try to send to me though, all that happens is I get a message in the chat window which tells me that a DCC has been sent to me, but I don't get a screen to accept it confused.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: DCC Recieve problems. - 12/08/04 11:37 AM

Firstly type /sreq ask and see if that helps, quite a long shot though.

In 95% of cases, DCC receiving issues are caused by the person sending the file. Usually if you can send, then there is no problem at your end. However, the only time I have seen the DCC accept dialog not showing up is when 'weird' ports are set for DCC. What ports do you have set for DCC? Do you have a router? Try getting a file from several of your friends, not just one/two, and see if any of them can send to you.

Other ideas about what can cause DCC get issues can be found in the [url=http://www.mirc.com/faq6.html#section6-10]mIRC FAQ[/url. You may also want to use the Search feature and see if you can find a solution.

Posted By: Corran

Re: DCC Recieve problems. - 12/08/04 11:41 AM

Cheers for that, my DCC ports are 1024 - 1029.
I do have a router yeah but I am fairly sure I have forwarded all of the ports that I need to. (It is a Belkin by the way).
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