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Posted By: codexer

IRC BOUNCER - 25/07/04 03:10 PM

I am running a windows machine and i'm using ProBNC.A while ago i was banned from a channel (dont ask), my purpose of using ProBNC was to be able to still use the channel. I connect to BNC but still it denies me access to the channel...Help?

Note: On the site it says u need an "intermediary"...?!?!?
Posted By: Zyzzyx26

Re: IRC BOUNCER - 25/07/04 03:24 PM

I really dont know anything about it, so I wouldn't post on this thread. But since you privated me... :|

Private messaging people to 'answer your question pllllzzzz' won't make it be answered faster, and it might even make people not replying to it at all!

As i said, I know nothing about it, so i can't help you.

Good luck,
Posted By: codexer

Re: IRC BOUNCER - 25/07/04 03:25 PM

maybe your right, well atleast there is one person in this forum who actually replied...
Posted By: Mentality

Re: IRC BOUNCER - 25/07/04 04:48 PM

Please stop messaging people on the boards so that they have to reply to you - you have private message'd me too. When you post something you need to wait patiently for an answer - there is no point private messaging people constantly and bugging them. If someone knows an answer, they will reply to your post smile

If you were banned from a channel then we will not help you evade the ban, which seems exactly what you are doing by using a BNC. If you've been banned then you stay out as per the op's wishes. Ops may ban people for whatever reason they like, even no reason or if you think it's unfair. You may try to contact the op you banned you or another op to see if you can be unbanned - beyond that, there is little to do. See this page.

Do remember that channel/server/network bans have nothing to do with mIRC and nobody on these boards has any control over them.

Posted By: Danthemandoo

Re: IRC BOUNCER - 25/07/04 09:17 PM

FYI, a bouncer can only allow you to use another IP/hostname if it is installed on a different machine on a different connection to yours.
A bouncer is only an IRC proxy in effect, which means if its installed on your machine, then even if you connect to it, it will still show as your original host because ur still using the same connection.
It needs to be installed on another machine on another connection to allow you to show as using their host or to use a vhost of the shell that its installed on.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: IRC BOUNCER - 26/07/04 01:11 PM

Someone tried that on with me the other night and earned a permanent z:line on the IP range used by his shell provider. This is unfortunate in a way because I don't have a problem with people experimenting, etc, just ban evasion. Acquiring a new address does not entitle you to re-enter a room you've just been evicted from. Remember that the host is banning YOU and not necessarily your address, as such.
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