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help please!

Posted By: patjuh

help please! - 12/07/04 08:16 AM

everytime when i connect to mirc (the first time i just could come on mirc) he says there's already a nickname and thats mine but i just cant come on mirc and when i type my password he says thats its the wrong one... i dont understand it anymore
Posted By: Mentality

Re: help please! - 12/07/04 01:02 PM

Hey there,

Firstly, realise that you do not connect to 'mIRC', you connect to IRC. mIRC is called a 'client' - the client allows you to connect to IRC. There are many different clients out there that will let you connect to IRC, mIRC is the most popular one.

Secondly, have you registered your nickname with the network? Some networks do not have nickname services (most of the big ones don't) and so if someone is using a nickname that you use regularly that doesn't mean they are using YOUR nickname, it means they are using a nickname that you use regularly smile - If you have registered your nickname with a nickname service however (such as NickServ) then there is often a 'Ghost' command that you can use to kill off the person using your nick.

For help with Services, go to the #Help channel on your network and ask them for some advice and help. Services have nothing to do with mIRC - they are unique to the network that they are on. As I said, some networks don't have Services at all, and different networks have different Services...You may wish to check out the network's website for relevant documents.

Hope this helps smile

Posted By: SGR

Re: help please! - 02/08/04 03:25 AM

Most of the big ones don't --

Quakenet -> Auth with Q
DALnet -> NickServ
Rizon -> NickServ
Undernet -> Auth with CService [X?]
GameSurge -> AuthServ
BRASnet -> NickServ

yeah.. only 6 of the (currenty) top 8. Mmm.. yeah.. 2 of 8 is most definatly the 'most' portion.

In fact you'll find _MOST_ nets _DO_ provide some kind of Nickname Service - the functionality of that service differs greatly between networks, but still, most nets do have one.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: help please! - 02/08/04 07:26 AM

For years people have often referred to big networks being those with more than the magic 100,000 concurrent users. There's only four networks that currently achieve this and only 5 that have ever achieved it to my knowledge. If you put Dalnet out of the picture because of their previous problems with crippling attacks you'd then include Quake, IRCnet, Efnet and Undernet. Two have no services at all and the other two have a limited set of services which come nowhere near the functionality of Dalnet-compatible services. So I guess using the word "most" is not necessarily accurate but to spend time disputing it is not productive and amounts only to a very small technicality.
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