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Posted By: inexile 6.16 problem - 12/07/04 02:22 AM
It seems the new version won't update older mircs, it just puts a fresh version in the folder & overwrites some files. Also I like to customize my icons through reshacker & it won't let me do that either. Can anyone shine some light on this for me please? I am disappointed because I have to redo all my popups all over again & I'm not sure if I can remember them all.
Posted By: Collective Re: 6.16 problem - 12/07/04 02:25 AM
None of my scripts were replaced by the 6.16 installer. Are you sure you didn't install into another directory and the shortcut you use simply got updated to go there instead?

mIRC now has a CRC check (or similar) to stop people hexing mIRC. Search the forums for 'CRC' for information/comments on why. Search Results
Posted By: inexile Re: 6.16 problem - 12/07/04 02:51 AM
Well this CRC check has only accomplished to stop people who genuinely just want to edit there icons. Everyday people still tap into mircs source & use it to spread viruses & trojans etc... So come on be real about this, do you think anyone with the ability to spread this kind of malicious stuff can't figure a way around this CRC?
I for one didn't give a donation of $10-20 when I registered, I donated $100 because I thought it was worth trying to put in my bit to encourage Khalad into continuing with his research & upgrade. As for that guy that says 99% of the people like the mirc icons all I have to say to that is "You don't get out much do you mate?" I don't know where you got your stats from but I have a large server of mirc users that will tell you otherwise.
Posted By: Mentality Re: 6.16 problem - 12/07/04 03:11 AM
Well this CRC check has only accomplished to stop people who genuinely just want to edit there icons.

You cannot possibly state this as fact. It has quite possibly stopped dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of malicious users or users otherwise wanting to do something illegal (breaking the license agreement for example). Now, several DLLs are listed in that thread that will help you customise the icons as much as possible, may I suggest following them up? smile

You can change the mIRC tray icon without DLLs in mIRCs options. Lots of links and information about why the CRC check is in mIRC can be found in this thread which I assume you've fully read.

I don't see the CRC being removed myself.

Posted By: inexile Re: 6.16 problem - 12/07/04 03:29 AM
Well I have just been through a full reformat that was due to a virus & trojan I got through using mirc 6.14 so it kinda pretty much allows me to state it as fact.
Im not saying scrap the CRC because I think some protection is better than none. But not everyone knows how to play around with dll's so it might be an idea to let people who fund mIRC a bit of input into what they want & give them a feature that lets them customize with a bit more eaze rather than having to do a crash course in editing dll's.
Posted By: Cyclone Re: virus problem - 12/07/04 05:01 AM
I've just been through a full reformat because I was lame and stupid enough to believe a friends assurances over my own better judgement. I don't blame him for that error... nor should you think you have a right to state something as a fact when it's really your own fault for letting the virus spread in the first place.

"It's only a poor workman who blames his tools." - Percy Shaw

Posted By: inexile Re: virus problem - 12/07/04 05:35 AM
Cyclone you can pick apart & misconstrue my posts as much as you like but to me it is usless because I'm not going to get my back up over your negativity.
There is another quote that I like, it goes...
"If you can't say anything useful don't say anything at all"
Posted By: Cyclone Re: virus problem - 12/07/04 05:59 AM
I wasn't intending to 'get ur back up', I was stating my opinion. I'm entitled to it... and so are you laugh

You can't really blame anything or anyone but urself for your computer not running at its peak. You tell the computer and the software how to run, not the other way around m8.

"See all, hear all, say nothing
Eat all, drink all, pay nothing
And if you ever do anything for nothing, do it for urself!" - the Yorkshireman's motto. hehehe
Posted By: inexile Re: virus problem - 12/07/04 04:38 PM
Ummm I never said I blamed anyone or anything for getting a virus I merely stated I got one through using mIRC. Besides the fact of how I got it I still use mIRC & will continue to use mIRC. All I came for is a bit of help to change my icons & I have recieved nothing but attacks. Next time I need help I may as well go to a hacker site as they seem to know their way around mIRC better than anyone here
Go's Better to let the world think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all Doubt!" Mark Twain
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Posted By: Coolkill Re: virus problem - 12/07/04 04:53 PM

Also I like to customize my icons through reshacker

I wont comment on 'reshacker' but, it all depends on what icons you are looking to change..

You can change the MAIN mIRC.exe logo simply by creating a shortcut to it and changing the logo of the shortcut which is not only easy, but legal.

If you want to change the taskbar icon you can do so via the mIRC options panel.. ALT+O - Display - Options - Tray (v6.16)

If you want to change the icons in your mIRC toolbar, you can do so by simply right clicking on the bar and loading a bmp image file over the existing icons.

If you want to change the icons displayed in your switchbar, you will require some sort of dll that you can more than likely find from one of the many sites dedicated to mIRC, try, mIRCscripts.org.

I would not recommend you change the icons via any other means other than either via the options mIRC provides (in options settings/ect) or via a .DLL file.

Posted By: inexile Re: virus problem - 13/07/04 07:18 AM
Thanx very much Coolkill that was all I needed to know. Cheers smile
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