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I believe this has something to do with Service Pack 2 for XP.

You know how mIRC is supposed to automatically start when you click on an irc:// url? Well, it's not doing that ever since installing SP2. Instead, it loads internet explorer and tells me the page can't be displayed.

Is there any way to force windows into opening mIRC when clicking on an irc url?

If you look at the options tab, and go to IRC -> Catcher you can check the option to catch irc:// urls and if I'm alright, it should work then.
No, that didn't work. I don't think it's a setting within the mIRC options, but rather a registry entry or something else internally in windows.

Doesn't anyone else have SP2 installed on XP? I know you do.
Re: "Doesn't anyone else have SP2 installed on XP? I know you do."

Well... if WinXP SP2 exists then I've learned something new today smile
I believe DDE server also has to be enabled for this to work.

You can check this by going to Alt + O > Other > 'DDE' button and see if it is enabled there.
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