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Posted By: Hak8

IP Address - 04/07/04 03:06 PM

I find that my IP Address is included in my Whois listing. As a matter of privacy, is there any way I can prevent this from appearing? I can understand that mIRC will need to look up the information, but I don't see why it needs to display it.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 03:11 PM

There are several reasons it is displayed...one reason is that it's a matter of identification - so if you break a rule and then someone else uses your nickname they won't get the blame for what you've done. This is also a reason for the IdentD (username). Secondly, it's a way to ban you from channels which is sometimes necessary. Your ISP provides you with your hostname/iP.

There are several methods to hide your IP address, most outlined in this thread. Shell accounts do often cost money, so if the network you use doesn't support the +x usermode then you'll either have to put up with the IP address being shown, move to a network that does support +x or fork out some money.

To be honest, it isn't that much of a security risk. True to say if you annoy certain people they will be able to packet you using your IP address, but as far as people tracking your location and what not there is very little danger.

Posted By: NightCrawler8283

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 03:21 PM

i have to disagree with the tracking locations and the what not.

have this buddy on irc who wastes his life getting peoples ips and locating them as far as address.. owner of the house and whatever else. then he calls up their local pizza place and orders them a rediculous amount of food for delivery :P quite humorous to me.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 03:24 PM

That is not humorous and as a general rule, on IRC, your IP cannot be used to trace you down to a street address. It is very unlikely to come across someone who is able to do this. In the time I've been on IRC and all the IRC "terrorists" I've annoyed, I've never had anyone track down my street address.

Posted By: NightCrawler8283

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 03:29 PM

havent pissed off the right people wink

also keep in mind. most people on irc that you are calling "IRC terrorists" are usually just script kiddies shooting their mouth off.
im not getting into this.
and its humorous to me.
Posted By: Danthemandoo

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 05:40 PM

without contacting the ISP who owns the IP address, its impossible to get a location more accurate than the town/city the person is in. And as even my smallish town has like 50,000 people its not much of a risk.
If you use your nickname elsewhere, ur more likely to be traced using that than your IP address.

Altho, having a publically displayed IP address on a large network is an invitation to be scanned for trojans etc or to have exploits attempted on.
But as long as u got a decent anti-virus, firewall and ur OS is patched up, you'll be safe.
Posted By: NightCrawler8283

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 06:28 PM

not impossible. seen it done. been there. seen it. wont say anymore about it
Posted By: milosh

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 10:40 PM

smirk I have to agree with Danthemandoo... smirk
There is no way to findout more than people's town without some kind of access to their ISP and/or persons email address. NightCrawler8283, you don't need to say anything... tell somebody to try and find my country... not city or street address... anytime... anywhere... (without me using any kind of proxy, bla bla).

Note: It would be funny if that could be done... but... smirk
AAAAAA, you can see my country from my info (Loc:) on this forum blush
Posted By: ScoT

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 10:53 PM

Well actually you can find out a persons street etc.. but that person would need to be the registrar for that domain name i know many people on Irc who do own their own domains, and that Info is easily found out

That being said in general the vast majority of Irc users are tied to an ISP and you cannot find out anyone's dead location without having access to those records (full stop)

#mIRC Undernet
Posted By: milosh

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 10:57 PM

Here we are talking about IP address... not domains and so on... and ofcourse you can find some info if you know website or some other info, even if you have his email password...
Posted By: ScoT

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 11:06 PM

And so was i do you think a domain has no IP Address ?
so i believe my point was valid in the claim
Yes you can trace someone but ONLY if the IP can be generally accessable thru a central registry.

#mIRC Undernet
Posted By: milosh

Re: IP Address - 04/07/04 11:24 PM

I don't think that you understand something (or maybe I don't understand you, maybe it's my english)... Domains IP is not the same as users IP => You can't findout domains IP from users IP => You can't findout users home address if he/she (or somebody else) doesn't tell you persons domain (or some other info)...
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: IP Address - 05/07/04 06:55 AM

The only street name that would ever exist is the one belonging to the owner of the IP, which is the ISP, not the end user. A way of distributing the street names of users would be a breach of the privacy laws of many countries anyway.
Posted By: Cyclone

Re: IP Address - 05/07/04 07:48 AM

Agreed Watchdog...

There's no way anyone can track your home address from ur IP address, seeing as the server you use to connect probably isn't even in the same city/town as you are. I think the claims about finding out ownership details of the properties did not come from IP information, domain IP or user IP, because it just isn't possible. You'd need the right access to customer details from the actual ISP itself to be able to find out such information. Even then the ISP wouldn't know who the owner of the house was, necessarily.

Reminds me of the time I was told by somebody that there was a firm in the USA who made handheld radio receivers capable or picking up Voyager satellite signals. Nothing more than wild fabrication. LMAgrin
Posted By: shadowdemon

Re: IP Address - 05/07/04 08:22 PM

Agreed Cyclone...

Unless that person actually worked at the ISP, then they could access customer database, and risk customer
confidentiality and possible his job if caught doing it.

On a side note, i see your from cleveland, UK, so thats near me,, but cleveland, UK is a big area, i connect to
the borough, and i dont even live there, its just my local connection. so how can somebody get my street address
when i dont live in the same town as my ISP ?

And further, the irc server i conenct to, we all share our IP addys, cos we need them to connect to game servers with
so hiding them is kinda pointless on this network. smirk

Posted By: NightCrawler8283

Re: IP Address - 05/07/04 08:58 PM

dynamic ips are hard to trace because they arent assigned specifically to individual customers.

but in the even of a static ip. the ip has a relationship with an individual customer. it doesnt matter where you live and what isp u have. so long as its static.

now. all of you can show off your speculation. but as a first person witness to these things occuring. whether you decide to believe me or not. it is VERY possible. besides. why would i lie? i have nothing to gain over this.
Posted By: milosh

Re: IP Address - 05/07/04 10:49 PM

I couldn't sleep last night (not becouse of this :tongue:) so I was thinking blush. I know that many of you are not interested in this subject (this IS a mIRC forum) but I have to correct myself...
It IS posible in theory to findout someone's street address by his IP address blush. The posibility is very low (less than 1%). But here's a scenario:
Let's say I am person X and my street address is: Anin Milica 33, I have cable net (static IP), let's say (it can be any other IP, I used 133 to make this simple). One beautiful day I went to my favourite mIRC channel... Ohhhh, some crazy nick pissed me off mad. He made me do a whois on him. mad AND... his IP is smile. So, I said to myself:"Let's order some pizza to Anin Milica 177"... laugh

As you can see this is just a stupid scenario... BUT... it is posible... in theory...
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