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mirc jams when downloading large files

Posted By: sky9999

mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 12:54 AM

Could somebody please help me? For the past year or so, i've been having problems when trying to download large files. When the file is completed, my whole system jams up for about 10 minutes, and all other programs fail to respond too, or are very slow. Eventually, everything comes back to normal, and full power is restored. This also happens when files are either stopped by me, or by the uploader.
I don't appear to have this problem on smaller files.
Posted By: Cobra

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 01:02 AM

i havent hurd any reports of similar problems to comapir this with, but lets walk though a few questions to help us resolve it.

1. your refering to downloads and uploads .. i asume that this is all with mIRC's dcc send and get ? and not other programs or a script?

2. are you running the latest version of mIRC? if not i sugest u upgrade to 6.15, which can be downloaded from www.mirc.com

3. are you running a script? if so try disableing the remotes and then download a large file and see if it still does it.

4. do other non mIRC related things lock up your computer also regularly?

thats a start.

Posted By: sky9999

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 01:10 AM

1. Yes, dcc sends & gets.

2. I've got the latest version of Mirc, but i had the same problem with v6.14 & i think v6.12 (although it might've been 6.13). i've usually ugraded into the same folder as previous versions too.

3. Not using a script, although i tried Invision at one point, but didn't like using it.

4. No other software jams up the system completely, although some software slows it down, but not anywhere near as much, and i can still access other software when it is slowed down.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 04:49 AM

DCC/mIRC was never designed for "large files" - you've tried Invision script so I assume you're using mIRC to file share? This is not the purpose of mIRC and if you're downloading a file such as movies (which are hundreds of megabytes usually) then it's illegal (Same goes for mp3s, software and so on.)

Perhaps try a virus scan (see this thread) or use the Search feature for 'freeze', other people have had similar issues. Expand to 'All Forums' amd 'All Posts' for best results. If you do the former make sure you use more than one virus scanner/trojan scan as no *one* can pick up everything.

Just a note, there was no version 6.13. It went from 6.12 to 6.14 smile - 6.13 was a virus-infected mIRC DUMMY client. If you downloaded it (and you're not just making a mistake) then definitely scan your system.

Posted By: sky9999

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 02:29 PM

i'm actually trying to download videoclips of my son, from my wife. She's in the USA, while i'm working in the UK. Because she isn't very technically minded, she justs sends me the raw clips, ready for me to edit & put onto dvd-r. After all, what's the point of having 2 high speed connections, if i don't use them.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 03:46 PM

In that case, I do not recommend to you scripts such as Invision or the other file sharing scripts around, you don't need them!

Unfortunately, mIRC doesn't differentiate between the latets movie blockbuster and a video of your son. Obviously, that's not to say it should be impossible to get the file as other people manage it..however, it is a strange issue and other than what has been said in other threads (you might also use 'hang up' as a search term) that's the only thing I can think of.

If you have a firewall/router or you're DCCing from work (network) then that me be causing the issue. If feasible, try disabling the former for the short period of time that you get the file. Alternatively, speak to your wife on IRC and guide her through compressing the file.

G'luck smile

Posted By: Online

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 03:57 PM

Try the "Flush Files" option under Alt+O >> DCC >> Options. Here's Tjerk's explanation.

I don't know if it would help, because I haven't had this problem myself, but this appears to be the only command that affects the way incoming files are handled.
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 17/06/04 05:00 PM

[possible spam]

Just a suggestion, for what it's worth. FTP is a much better way to transfer large files. There are three really good FTP servers like WarFTP (free, but not newbie friendly) and Serv-U FTP (the FREE personal version you get after the trial period should work for you) or, the overpriced WS-FTP. Of the 3 .. Serv-U is by far the most newbie friendly and can have you up and running in a matter of minutes (my 75 year-old mother had no problems with it, and she has trouble with email grin ).

[/possible spam]
edit: No, I do not work for any of the three companies. grin
Posted By: TravisK

Re: mirc jams when downloading large files - 06/07/04 03:28 AM

possiblly your virus scanner... i had this problem many many times till i figured out what it was... the problem was the virus scanner ... i download large files such as movies n programs in rar or zip format and the virus scanner was set to scan compressed files.. it would freeze up my mirc for a good 5 min till the file had been scanned... dont know if it does it with uncompressed files too.. prolly would, but ive never downloaded a 200+mb exe or media file.. so i cant say for sure...but it sure does sound as if this is your problem

maby thats your problem
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