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Posted By: sniffy

FC Guest - 09/06/04 03:32 PM

Ok, finally registered, but one small problem. I can't figure out how to get rid of being a Guest. The Full Name and Email address is shaded so I can not enter my own identification.

I think that might be the problem? What should I do?

whenever I change the nick..... it just flips back to Guest in about 5 seconds.
Posted By: Poppy

Re: FC Guest - 09/06/04 04:55 PM

Are you talking about registering a nickname or registering your copy of mIRC? They are two different things. If you registered your nickname on your chosen network, you need to identify to that nick every time you log on. The command is usually /msg nickserv identify <password> - or type /nickserv help for a list of nick related commands. smile
Posted By: Mentality

Re: FC Guest - 09/06/04 05:18 PM

In addition, for more help with Services (on top of the reference Poppy made) you can try the network's #Help channel and/or the network's website. If you don't know the network address the #Help channel should know, or search Google. Remember, mIRC has nothing to do with network's services, they are unique to that network.

The mIRC options area (the 'Full Name' and 'Email Address' section I think you were referring to) is greyed out once you connect. You can disconnect and then go to options and change them, or simply type /fullname New Full Name and /emailaddr [email]new@email.address[/email] when you're connected, then next time you connect they would have changed. Once again, these have nothing to do with nickname registration on a network, they are shown with the /whois and CTCP Finger commands respectively.

Hope this helps :-)

Posted By: sniffy

Re: FC Guest - 09/06/04 05:27 PM

I had been running a mirc... It had the FC Guest and email listed since installation. When the 30 day evaluation ended. I registered it for my own copy and entered my registration code... Everything works except when ever I try to change back to my old nick with /nick Guest pops up... Was thinking I might have to do a re-install to get shaded Full Name area to clear... Don't even know if that would solve the problem, and a lot of trouble.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: FC Guest - 09/06/04 05:34 PM

Your mIRC registration has nothing to do with whether you can use /nick or not. I suggest you type /remote off and see if you have the /nick command aliased - try //echo -a $isalias(nick) - if it says $true, I suggest you delere it with /alias nick.
Guest nicknames are also given when you try using a registered nickname and if you don't identify to it after what is usually 60 seconds then you get forced to use a Guest nickname.

What is FC Guest by the way? Did you download mIRC from the official mIRC website only (i.e. this one)? Was installation successful? Are you using a non-edited copy?

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