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Posted By: PACO2 Pre configured mirc , is it possible? - 07/06/04 01:25 PM
Hello all,
i would like to know if its possible to pre configure a mirc,
what i mean by this is this:
i want to have a mirc.exe .. where a friend of mine or a family member that dont know about mirc configuration, can download my own pre configure mirc, with the server , colors, room window ...etc.. its already in the pre configured mirc, i wont touch mirc programming, i wonder if this is possible..so i dont have to explain to friends how add a server..change colors..etc

thanks for any help [list]
just package your preconfigured mirc in a zip file and send it to them./.. it should be ready for use after unzipping. make sure u have the entire mirc folder in this zip file.

make note that not a lot of people will help with this because it is against the authors wishes to distribute mirc unless its downloaded from the mirc.com website.

anyways.. hope that helps
Why not just tell them to install mIRC, then put the configuration files in a self-extracting zipfile and tell them to install them to the same directory. That way it's less of your bandwidth consumed, you don't break the licence agreement, and your family still get the correct configuration.
Posted By: MTec89 Re: Pre configured mirc , is it possible? - 07/06/04 09:25 PM
why install two things? whats wrong with one//
Because it's against the licence agreement to distribute mIRC in any form other than the installer available from this site or to distribute that installer without prior consent.
Posted By: Thray Re: Pre configured mirc , is it possible? - 08/06/04 01:39 AM
I beseech you on behalf of IRC users anywhere.. don't do it.
You'll be introducing people onto IRC who will have no idea about how IRC works at all! If people have to figure out how to configure their client themselves at least they get SOME knowledge of something..

I dunno, I'm just getting tired of idiots. Especially RO players who join network staff channels and say "The server is down." (This makes everyone look around, wondering what server went down, and then we find out he's talking about some damn game. Arr.)
Posted By: PastMaster Re: Pre configured mirc , is it possible? - 08/06/04 06:19 AM
Amen to that...

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