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DCC help please

Posted By: learner

DCC help please - 29/05/04 04:22 PM

Please help as I am new and dont know what to do.
What do I do if there's this message coming up:
/dccserver +sc on 59
I did that but all it shows is:
* DCC Server is on (59,Send,Chat)
I dont know what to do next. An I on the right track? What should I do next to connect to whoever?
Posted By: Mentality

Re: DCC help please - 29/05/04 04:28 PM

Cross posting only causes confusion and irritation, best not to do it :-) - Posting more than once will not get you answered faster. Because this forum is not "real time" like IRC is, you just need to wait for an answer. It won't always be answered within a few minutes.

ParaBrat answered you in this thread.

Posted By: learner

Re: DCC help please - 30/05/04 03:28 AM

Thanks for replying. I thought I posted in wrong area and got ignored! Wont do it again.
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