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Timestamps gone crazy?

Posted By: DWZ

Timestamps gone crazy? - 23/05/04 11:13 AM


I'm currently running mIRC v6.14 with timestamps enabled to the format of [hh:mm:ss]

This worked fine for the entire time I've ever used the mIRC client (like 4 years).

Yesterday it started to go insane. It thinks every minute is "05"... Like, no matter what the time is, mIRC is reporting it as hh:05:ss.

It's crazy. For example, a copy and paste of some of my logs:

[4:05:56] ChanOP sets mode: +o SuperUnknown
[4:05:44] Anti^ViruS (RoCk@ has joined. «7 people»
[5:05:35] Anti^ViruS (RoCk@ has parted. «6 people»
[7:05:35] default «ssador@» has Quit iRC (Exit: changing servers)
[7:05:53] default (ssador@vw-16668.trivianet.org) has joined. «6 people»
[7:05:20] Lambo (lambo76@ is now known as Lambo|Away
[7:05:20] * Lambo|Away is away · BRB - And it has nothing to do with RO pyros · At 07:51 PM · (Pager is off).
[8:05:24] OzPacific (matthew@vw29252.comindico.com.au) has joined. «7 people»
[8:05:24] AwayNotheRe (HeLL@vw20050.froggy.com.au) has joined. «8 people»
[8:05:30] AwayNotheRe (HeLL@vw20050.froggy.com.au) has parted. «7 people»
[8:05:55] Lambo|Away (lambo76@ is now known as Lambo
[8:05:55] * Lambo is back · BRB - And it has nothing to do with RO pyros · After spending 26mins 33secs away.
[8:05:42] <OzPacific> how long does it usually take for telstra to get bak to swiftdsl regarding the line and overall period before connection?
[8:05:37] <@SuperUnknown> telstra tend to take a while frown
[8:05:51] <@SuperUnknown> Think around a week mine took.. oh, I churned
[8:05:21] <OzPacific> oh ok
[8:05:09] <OzPacific> if i remember rightly, swiftdsl said around 7 days
[8:05:25] <OzPacific> what do they test on again ?? see if ur line is paired and ... ?
[8:05:39] <@SuperUnknown> Basically telstra are too lazy to go to your exchange and flip a switch heh
[8:05:49] <OzPacific> lol
[8:05:14] <OzPacific> how much downtime do u guys get with swiftdsl?
[8:05:09] <@SuperUnknown> none.
[8:05:18] <OzPacific> nice laugh
[8:05:28] <@SuperUnknown> What plan are you getting ?
[8:05:44] <OzPacific> 512/128 16 + 16gb
[8:05:49] <@SuperUnknown> ooo
[8:05:10] <default> i havent ever had downtime with swiftdsl
I don't understand it.

When I do something like //echo $time , mIRC reports the correct time.

My system clock is fine and I can see no other applications having the same problem.

I've done some Google searches as well as some searches here, but can't really find anything. There were a few people who had a bug with DST and their clock being out by a hour, but the last DST change we had was months back... And anyway, apparently that bug was fixed in this version.

Any suggestions on how I could fix this?

Thanks smile
Posted By: NightCrawler8283

Re: Timestamps gone crazy? - 23/05/04 12:09 PM

perhaps you have installed something recently? anything like a mirc script or a program not of the same genre?
Posted By: DWZ

Re: Timestamps gone crazy? - 23/05/04 12:28 PM

Nope, I don't think I've gone near the mIRC settings for ages... nor have any other programs I dont think
Posted By: Nobodi

Re: Timestamps gone crazy? - 23/05/04 01:13 PM


mm is month 05 nn is minutes
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Timestamps gone crazy? - 23/05/04 01:25 PM

As an added note to what Nobodi said, type /help $asctime in mIRC to see the various letters etc. that can be used with timestamp. It serves as a good reminder if you ever have doubt about a parameter as mm/nn is a little confusing :tongue:

Posted By: DWZ

Re: Timestamps gone crazy? - 23/05/04 02:38 PM

ROFL! I am such an idiot...

I should have seen that before...

Thanks for your help everyone smile
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