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Seeing secret channels?

Posted By: DeathfireD

Seeing secret channels? - 15/04/04 02:19 AM

Is there any way to see Secret channel when doing a /list. Or is there some Raw command that will list every channel on a server? Some one have any ideas on how to list every channel without being a IRCOP.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Seeing secret channels? - 15/04/04 02:26 AM

That would sort of go against the point of the +s mode smile

There is no way to see +s channels in /list or /whois, some IRCds do allow IRC Operators with certain modes see +s channels, but not users.

The +p channel mode allows channels to be seen in /list but not /whois.

Posted By: DeathfireD

Re: Seeing secret channels? - 15/04/04 02:28 AM

Ya i know thats why im asking if there is some kind of raw command to trick the server into echoing all the current channels. Guess not huh lol.
Posted By: copericus

Re: Seeing secret channels? - 15/04/04 05:20 AM

In short the answer is no, its the server/network services that sets +s (secret mode) and you need an O line to see them. (Or you do on the network I use anyway)
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