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What does "invite only" mean?

Posted By: romVsen

What does "invite only" mean? - 14/04/04 02:30 PM

I've got that message then I trying to connect to channel.

Posted By: sparta

Re: What does "invite only" mean? - 14/04/04 03:09 PM

You trying to join a channel wink the channel have the mode +i set.. that means that somone have to send you an invite, if they dont you arent able to join it.. the command for it is: /invite nick #channel ..
Posted By: romVsen

Re: What does "invite only" mean? - 14/04/04 04:21 PM

Thanx, but how can I ask somebody to invite me?
Posted By: Mentality

Re: What does "invite only" mean? - 14/04/04 05:14 PM

You can't really. Most channels are +i because they don't want anyone to join it except specific users that they already know. Think of it as a private party, guests have already been pre-determined, and only they will be allowed in.

There's little you can do to contact the ops of the channel, although a few methods could be used I guess.

If the network you use has ChanServ, or some other channel service (such as 'X', 'Q' or 'L') then you could use certain commands with them that gain information about the channel - one of those bits of information is always the 'Founder' of the channel (the person who owns and manages it). You could contact them when they are online (use /notify nickname) and ask for permission - remember, the chances of permission being granted is small. You will need to ask in the #Help channel of the network what the command is to gain info about the channel. With ChanServ it is often [/b]/chanserv info #channel[/b] and with the other services, it might be something like /msg X info #channel.

You could also try /mode #channel b - this will return the channel ban list, and along with it, the nicknames of the ops who set the bans. You could again use /notify to know when one of these ops is online and ask them for permission. The bans look like this:

#channel *!*@some.address.here set by OpNick!OpUser@ops.hostname.here (Day Month Date Time)

The bit in red is the nickname of the op that you need to put on notify and ask for an /invite into the channel. It will not be in red when you use it in mIRC, I just used that to make it clearer! If there are no bans set you will simply get the message '#channel End of Channel Ban List' or words to that effect.

Best of luck smile

Posted By: zfr

Re: What does "invite only" mean? - 15/04/04 02:28 AM

Let me add a couple of suggestion on how to find out some of the ops of a channel when you are unable to join. Although these methods usually don't work, why not give them a try.

1) You can try the /names command like this:

/names #channelname

You may see a list of nicknames. Look for a nickname that has an @ sign in front of it. If there's any, they are the channel ops.

2) You can also try the /topic command to see who has set the topic.

/topic #channelname

You may see a line like this:

topic set by nickname

That nickname is possibliy a channel op.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: What does "invite only" mean? - 15/04/04 02:33 AM

Good thinkin' zfr.

You could also use /who #channel which works in a similar way as /names.

Just a note about those two commands, most servers will set a usermode on you when you connect called +i (invisible). This means that users will not be shown in /names or /who if the user is not inside the channel, so you may not get any results.

Make sure you don't get mixed up with the +i channel mode (invite only) and the +i user mode (invisible), they are two different things smile

Posted By: romVsen

Re: What does "invite only" mean? - 15/04/04 07:01 AM

Thank you all!
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