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Where's /kb ?

Posted By: PastMaster

Where's /kb ? - 06/04/04 06:23 AM

OK, it's early in the morning and I slept badly, so... while I go fix myself some life-giving coffee, can someone tell me where /kb appears in the help file? (If at all?)

Posted By: Collective

Re: Where's /kb ? - 06/04/04 06:33 AM

[07:33:38] KB is an unknown command

Perhaps it's an alias?
Posted By: Hammer

Re: Where's /kb ? - 06/04/04 06:46 AM

Perhaps he means: /ban -k #channel nick mask reason
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Where's /kb ? - 06/04/04 10:41 AM

I probably do, but I thought I'd seen it mentioned somewhere as a new command. Blame the lack of coffee...

Posted By: Mentality

Re: Where's /kb ? - 06/04/04 01:22 PM

Yup yup, you're not completely crazy :P

/kb is a popular alias used by many because of the speed it kicks and bans people. However, the -k switch was introduced to the /ban command in mIRC 6.1, which is why you've heard of a "new" command related to this :P

As for the help file, /help /ban <G> but I think you already knew this :tongue:

Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Where's /kb ? - 07/04/04 06:19 AM

Yup yup, you're not completely crazy :P

No not me. Weird, strange, odd or indeed generally nuts, but certainly not crazy. No sir. Not me. Uh-uh. Honest.

I carefully avoided using /kb in my own script (where everything has the same prefix to make it easier to see what's my fault and what's the fault of things I've added from other people...). shocked

And yes /help *does* sound rather familiar, but given my prior rants I don't think I need to comment further :tongue:

Who really needs one of those hospital drips on wheels to supply his caffeine addiction intravenously...
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