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Posted By: menace

join/leave messages - 06/02/04 10:13 PM

is there a way to get rid of the messages "XXXXXX (##.##.##.##) has left IRC"

i have to assume there is, i have looked through all of the options etc just cant seem to find it... any ideas?
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: join/leave messages - 06/02/04 10:26 PM

view/options/irc, click on the events button and change what you dont want to see to hide
Posted By: ELY_M

Re: join/leave messages - 05/03/04 05:14 AM

how did I only set it for ONE channel or TWO channels.

Thanks laugh

Posted By: Iori

Re: join/leave messages - 05/03/04 07:54 AM

Read the third post in this thread.
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