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Posted By: fortune83

Authenticate mIRC - 04/02/04 05:13 AM

I've been looking and looking through this website, and not finding any help. I'm trying to find out how to authenticate with mIRC, so i can be a server OP in my channel, please help. This topic should also be in the FAQ.
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 04/02/04 05:22 AM

Actually - being an op in a channel has nothing at all to do with mIRC. If your network provides nick registration services, the channel #help on that network will be able to tell you all about it. That, too, has nothing to do with mIRC.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 04/02/04 07:09 AM

Every network has their own policies, commands and services (or lack thereof). It just wouldnt be possible to include them all in mIRC's help file or FAQ. Networks have their own websites/help files/FAQ and help channels that can give you info specific to them. Its a good idea to check out your network's website anyway, usually lots of interesting info. You may see the url listed in the MOTD (Message Of The Day, type /motd to see it) or use a search engine like www.google.com to find it.
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 04/02/04 07:11 AM

First of all, please understand that there is a difference between mIRC (a chat client) and an IRC network (a collection of servers that run an Internet Relay Chat system).

mIRC allows you to connect to hundreds (thousands?) of IRC networks. However, while these networks are all broadly the same, there are differences between them. Some, for example, have no services at all, meaning that to maintain a channel you need to have a client or bot online all the time. Some have services like NICKSERV, to which you can authenticate yourself to prove who you are, and CHANSERV which maintains a channel for you.

Because every network is different, and some have no services at all, there is no standard answer to your question - which is why it can't be put on the website or in the FAQ.

The details of how individual networks organise themselves (services etc.) will probably be found on the network website.

For help with nickserv (assuming that the network you are on has it), you could also try typing the helpful 'shortcut' command /nickserv help in mIRC, or you could drop into a help channel (usually #help or #beginner) and ask the friendly helpers there smile

Posted By: milosh

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 04/02/04 11:11 PM

Hi, there. As PastMaster said: try /nickserv help or /msg nickserv help... in most cases (if there is service like nickserv) you will be using /msg nickserv identify <password> , i order to authenticate yourself.
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 05/02/04 09:40 AM

I'm lazy, I use /nickserv identify <password> ... wink

Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 06/02/04 11:44 AM

*chuckle* i'm even lazier, i use /identify <password>
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 06/02/04 04:33 PM

LOL, never knew about that one.

<usual rant>
Of course, neither /nickserv nor /identify are in the mIRC Help file...
</usual rant>

Posted By: copericus

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 06/02/04 06:38 PM

hehe even lazier I use /ns id <password>
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 06/02/04 09:23 PM

PastMaster: i know, but the thought of trying to keep mIRC's help file current with all the different ways things are done on different networks and the various IRC commands that might be used and changes to them would turn arnie's fur grey. Clairol prolly doesnt make his shade of green :tongue:

copericus: lol, ok you win the laziest award
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 08/02/04 05:45 PM

/ns isn't supported by all ircd's
Posted By: Nobodi

Re: Authenticate mIRC - 09/02/04 01:02 PM


/ns isn't supported by all ircd's

But it's not that had to write your own alias for it.
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