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Cant Download!

Posted By: mbro

Cant Download! - 26/01/04 12:46 PM

Can anyone help me pls.
I am unable to download from IRC using MIRC. I keep getting the failed to establish connection message. I am bypassing a firewall, with ports 194 and 6667 open, do I need to open any other ports at all?

Any help appreciated.

Posted By: fxmakers

Re: Cant Download! - 26/01/04 02:31 PM


Does your firewall route incoming connections to your computer?

If you're posting this msg from the routed computer, I assume it works correctly.

You need to open a range of ports for uploading (see mIRC options > DCC > Options), but not for downloading, as it opens random ports on your computer (like web browsing, email retrieving, etc...).

By the way, no need to open TCP port 6667, it's only for servers, not clients (don't know what's the TCP 194 for).

So check if your firewall has its NAT route configured for IRC. If your fw is running Linux, iptables needs to load the IRC conntrack module.

If nothing works, read this post: http://forums.mirc.com/showflat.php?Board=connectionissues&Number=17

Good luck smile
Posted By: Guyvah

Re: Cant Download! - 26/01/04 04:32 PM

People, mIRC isn't a file sharing program...
25/12/2002 05:17 Edit Reply

It's a text chat program.

We dont help with illegal filesharing/warez on this forum because:
-downloading files from strangers is a great way to get trojans/virii
-it is against the AUP (acceptable use policy) of some networks/providers
-involves mostly files that are illegal to share

hehe smile
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