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Grayed text ?

Posted By: rela

Grayed text ? - 06/01/04 05:31 PM

In the color menu(alt+k),
when does the "grayed text" color appear in the listbox ?
I only see the "Listbox" textcolor confused
Thx in advance
Posted By: Cheech

Re: Grayed text ? - 07/01/04 01:24 AM

if you want to turn the listbox background to gray then you use alt + k then you left click the listbox itself then click on gray .
Posted By: Collective

Re: Grayed text ? - 07/01/04 02:47 AM

Press alt+k and look in the representation of the list box, you should see what he means by "Gray[ed] text".

rela: Add someone to your notify list who isn't online, open the notify list window (with the button on the right hand side of the toolbar, not the address book), right click and choose "Show All".

Offline nicks appear in the "Gray[ed] text" colour, and server names in the "Title text" color.
Posted By: rela

Re: Grayed text ? - 07/01/04 03:07 PM

Thx Collective laugh
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