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DalNet doesn't work anymore

Posted By: SierraJim

DalNet doesn't work anymore - 10/01/03 11:06 PM

DalNet doesn't work anymore. Takes up to two days to get in..its no longer worth it. Did Khaled run out of his maintenance money? I think so.
Posted By: Collective

Re: DalNet doesn't work anymore - 10/01/03 11:08 PM

DalNet is under attack, that is why you can't get on. Dalnet is also not owned, run, admined, or anything else-d by Khaled.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DalNet doesn't work anymore - 11/01/03 12:09 AM

To add to what Collective said, mIRC is software used to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on any of many networks. Each network has their own servers, which you use to connect to that specific network. Khaled has nothing to do with any of those networks or servers.

DALnet is currently the network du jour to attack, which means many servers are down, which means connecting to that network is hard.

There are other networks you can try, this web page has tips and links to info about other networks to consider. This web page has a good list of many networks as well.

We can certainly sympathize with your frustration, but mIRC and Khaled arent to blame.
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