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Thanks :)

Posted By: Iori

Thanks :) - 11/10/03 01:03 AM

Thanks for 6.11 smile
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 01:34 AM

nice of you to thank Khaled smile here, have a cookie...
Posted By: Iori

Re: Thanksē :) - 11/10/03 01:37 AM

Well, thank you too. smile
Posted By: pheonix

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 01:38 AM

yeah it rules grin
thanks khaled cool
Posted By: Iori

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 01:50 AM

Yeah, some good bugfixes, some that weren't fixed too, but nothing that can't be worked around without too much trouble I don't think (at this point anyway) smile
Posted By: trenzterra

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 02:02 AM

thanks khaled for the surprise smile
Posted By: Poppy

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 09:16 AM

Thanks Khaled - and Krejt too! grin
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 11:54 AM

Hey, I don't wanna be left out! *G* - Tankya Khaled, Krejt, Arnie and anyone else that is involved in the creation of something which has played such a big part in so many people's lives. (Trying not to sound too dramatic there, but if you think about it, it's true).

Anyhoo, you never can have too many 'thank yous' after the way *some* people have acted. I couldn't imagine working on something for almost a decade and then have people just say, "it's crap, I hate it, it's the worst version ever!" - It must be extremely physically and mentally draining. But I guess they just have to remember the thousands, or rather, hundreds of thousands of users that DO support mIRC smile - Thanks again...

Happy chatting!

Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 02:43 PM

Ay, Khaled sure takes a beating from us... but we love him just the same. grin

I was going to post something really long here, but I decided to start a new thread for it instead as I took it into a slightly different direction as I first intended.

- Raccoon
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Thanks :) - 11/10/03 07:22 PM

nicely said Mentality smile
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