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re invision

Posted By: nightstal

re invision - 02/10/03 07:15 AM

i install mirc61 first
then i install
invision 2.0
into the mirs folder

but then i get a error message

says i nee to down load mirc 6.02 but where is it or am i doing some thing wrong or has someone got invision thay can send me to


please help ?
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: re invision - 02/10/03 07:47 AM

you will have to contact whoever writes invision, likely the problem is due to it having been written to work with previous versions of mIRC and it isnt compatible with v6.1.
Posted By: chiilldon

Re: re invision - 19/08/04 03:11 PM

you have to go to the lebyte website and download the new invision script.

just google "invision" and go to lebyte.com
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