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Posted By: areels dotIRC - 23/09/03 10:54 AM
did you see that new irc client ? seems like it will be interesting in the near future Don't spam here/
Posted By: DekuHaze Re: dotIRC - 23/09/03 12:29 PM
We've got spam, spam and chips, sausage spam and chips, spam spam spam and chips...
Posted By: Raccoon Re: dotIRC - 23/09/03 01:22 PM
what, no baked beans spam? frown
Posted By: DekuHaze Re: dotIRC - 23/09/03 02:00 PM
Sorry. Beans are a hazard in that they are known to release noxious gasses grin
Posted By: areels Re: dotIRC - 23/09/03 11:30 PM
sorry i didn't notice it can be spam, i just found interesting that client and wanted to share , but yes , it's wrong to discuss about other irc clients here, i'll try it on general irc forums.
Posted By: Thray Re: dotIRC - 27/09/03 07:29 PM
Is this the "Lets make our post # go up!" topic or have you all just gone completely insane? Maybe both?
Posted By: DekuHaze Re: dotIRC - 27/09/03 08:27 PM
No idea, but it seems to have effected you too - whatever it was :tongue:
Posted By: areels Re: dotIRC - 30/09/03 03:19 AM
it was homepage addy of that irc software
Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: dotIRC - 30/09/03 03:23 AM
hey lets go to a ford motor car forum and post the chevrolet website to it...... thats not wrong is it?
Posted By: DekuHaze Re: dotIRC - 30/09/03 10:44 AM
I know what this thread was originally about. Afterall, I did post that whole spam spam spam spam thing :tongue:
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