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Posted By: neurotic_me !!!Help please!!! - 05/01/03 01:07 AM
newbie here. i've heard about mIRC everywhere and some chats i use go thru this, but im still not sure how it works. is it just a big network or chats that people make? please reply. come on, pleeeeease i wanna know!!
Posted By: Collective Re: !!!Help please!!! - 05/01/03 01:14 AM
This page will tell you the basics of IRC.
Posted By: danniel2003 Re: !!!Help please!!! - 05/01/03 03:35 PM
Posted By: The_Game Re: !!!Help please!!! - 05/01/03 03:47 PM
welcome aboard newbies...the link that collective posted will set you straight on the basics...read them first to get a better understanding...and if ya have any questions....everyone here will be sure to answer...
Posted By: Merlin Re: !!!Help please!!! - 06/01/03 08:23 AM
For a IRC Tutorial/Beginners Reference, read this tutorial
Posted By: mallows Re: !!!Help please!!! - 21/10/03 07:57 AM
yep, IRC is somewhat like a big world alright. but getting ready for it is very possible...

just equip yourself with enough knowledge by reading Help files available in the IRC Menus (just above the toolbar in IRC). or better yet, why not download the mIRC FAQ on this website (left side of the page). after that, it would be just a matter of getting used to...
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