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Posted By: CaliGee

Winzip - 11/08/03 12:26 AM

Im havin a prob unzippin a zipped file wit Winzip that I d/l'd from mIRC. Keep gettin error message: Error reading header after processing 6 entries.....Anybody kno what this means or how to fix? Please help
Posted By: AdemIsCheech

Re: Winzip - 11/08/03 02:17 AM

I dont like winzip try useing winrar, it unziped lots of stuff winzip said was corupted.
Posted By: nightstal

Re: Winzip - 11/08/03 09:16 AM

i personaly use winrar it better than most zip programes but it has only 1 draw back that i have found it cannot unzip files larger than 2.0 gig then i have to use winzip frown but other than that winrar is the no1 as far i as i say

dl it and try it you wont go back to winzip
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