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Posted By: liquideice

help - 09/08/03 12:30 AM

is there anyway to find out all of the name for irc for example irc.saltek.net or irc.criten.net
Posted By: Mentality

Re: help - 09/08/03 10:05 AM

There are several resources you can use to find out many networks on IRC. Some networks do not wish to have public users, and therefore, you're unlikely to find their addresses anywhere.

You can search the drop down list in mIRC - this is a list of servers/networks that have been submitted by users to Khaled, and then have been included in the servers.ini file for mIRC. To view it, go to:

File > Options > Connect

The drop down list is there.

You can also use the famous network statistics website, netsplit.de or a dynamically created server list at IFIRC.

Hope this helps.


Posted By: nightstal

Re: help - 09/08/03 08:47 PM


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