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static ip

Posted By: nightstal

static ip - 08/08/03 07:40 PM

i need help i am not very computer minded but i know my around.

The problem i have got i am on different mirc servers downloading like most of us do. smile

I am getting my ip being dns hacked even though my firewall is holding up grin but i like to hide my static ip on what ever mirc server and room i am on smile

if someone know how to do this please respond in simple terms and easy to follow cool

i am desprate here
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 07:51 PM

Your first assumption is wrong. "Most" people do not 'download' though technically we all do if you count 'chat' as a 'download'. EG: I accepted four DCC's yesterday and that consisted of four jpeg files and it was the first time in about two months that I did so.

Secondly there's no such thing as a mIRC server. What you'd be connecting to is an IRC server with the mIRC chat programme.

Hide your IP when downloading? Not possible. DCC exposes your full IP to whoever you send to/get from. Even if you managed some miracle to stop the other user's mIRC from displaying it, the other user could jut open DOS and issue the NETSTAT command and your IP would be there. Remember that the D in DCC means DIRECT. That basically means that while the IRC server is used to initiate the connection, you are directly connected to the other user for the purpose of the filetransfer.

There is only one way to stop others knowing your IP and that is to cease sharing it to begin with - which means no use of DCC. DCC is something that, in reality, should only be used with people you have known for a while and can trust. If the probing of your firewall bothers you and your IP address is genuinely static then you should ask your ISP for a new one. If it's dynamic but behaves like a static one (such as many cable accounts) just disconnect for a few days and then you'll probably get assigned another one when you reconnect.
Posted By: nightstal

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 07:56 PM

ok thanks m8

nice to see responce so quick

i have in one channel i chat in a lot get this come up via a vhost

I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n Could not resolve for nightstal (If.you.are.Britney-Spears.ill.lick.y0ur.org).

i was wondering if this is possible right across the net
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 07:58 PM

As I understand it you can't use a BNC with DCC because the hostname does not resolve to the address given to you by your ISP. There's probably a workaround for it but many users have complained here about it.
Posted By: nightstal

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 08:02 PM

so if i get this right if you have a static ip address and other users dns you thay will be able to get your ip no matter what or what network or room you are in.

all i wont to do is stop the idiots trying to get my ip to try out there hacking skills.

i no no comp is safe from the pros but it plays havok with my firewall and being pinged out all the time.

ow well never mind thanks for your help

Posted By: Watchdog

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 08:20 PM

That is the big downside to the 'Net. A professional hacker will usually just come and go without causing any trouble or interference and you may never even know they were there. Script kiddies doing it for kicks may know how to connect after discovering a vulnerability but that is usually the extent of their l337 h4x0r1ng knowledge and before they disconnect they'll either leave a 'calling card' (either on purpose or because they don't really know what they are doing) or just stuff your machine completely. I am personally not bothered by the first group, nothing can stop them and if you don't have any personal information on your machine (I don't) then there's usually no harm done. The second group is the one I strive to keep out and they are very easy to stop.

1. Don't just share files (send or receive) with anyone that happens by. Know and trust them first.
2. Don't visit spammed websites or open sus email attachments (especially HTML pages or very small .exe files - yeah those little tricky .exe's that open your CD drawer or show a film of Fred Flintstone going for gold are usually also trojans!) People don't usually spend time making these things just for entertainment value.
3. Install and maintain a quality anti-virus programme and aslo a firewall (which you already have)
4. If someone annoys you on IRC and threatens to hack you, the last thing you should say is "I have a firewall so it's impossible" - all you are doing then is giving them a challenge to overcome. Lets face it, most kiddie h4x0rs are dole bludgers and have nothing meaningful to do so they use the 'Net to stir people.
5. Don't fill your machine with wares. Things like Windows XP and Office XP that doesn't need authentication are great but what comes with them is not. Don't even get Linux distros or other freeware from IRC, get it from the official websites.

Being 06:00 I can't think of anything else at the moment (all I can think about is eating brekky).

I'll mention one other thing, if you use an IRC network that doesn't mask your IP then you are throwing out the welcome mat to hackers. I recommend using a network that does mask your IP for you which also stops DNS lookups on a nickname (on my network anyway).
Posted By: root

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 11:25 PM

Yeah in the way it was explained, youre pretty much screwed unless you dont accept files. OR you could use a proxy or BNC to block your real ip from being shown.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 11:32 PM

I don't know why you're thinking that this is directly related to a static IP. ANY hostname can be resolved to an IP, regardless of whether it is a static or dynamic IP.
Posted By: root

Re: static ip - 08/08/03 11:37 PM

I.. didn't think otherwise...
I just meant to hide his REAL hostname/IP he could use a bnc or use a proxy, either way his real IP wont be disclosed on DCC Chat or DCC Send etc....
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: static ip - 09/08/03 12:34 AM

I think he only wants it to hide his IP from other users on IRC, in which case he should just one of the many networks which allow hostmasking. If he was trying to hide his IP during DCC connections then you really have to wonder why on Earth he would accept a file from someone who he wouldn't even trust with his IP.
Posted By: nightstal

Re: static ip - 09/08/03 10:06 AM

all i wont to do is hide my ip in all mirc servers and #rooms from the laimos out there

reguardless of stactic or ever changing ip i just wont to keep my ip to myself and stop others getting it
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: static ip - 09/08/03 12:37 PM

Many servers have a hostmasking mode that can be set (often +x), you could try typing //mode $me +x and then //who $me to see whether it's had any effect.
Posted By: nightstal

Re: static ip - 09/08/03 01:09 PM

where do i type this in please
Posted By: Collective

Re: static ip - 09/08/03 01:12 PM

Type it in the status window.
Posted By: nightstal

Re: static ip - 09/08/03 02:32 PM

way i see it i have dns myself fingered myself cool before any smug replies grin your ip cant be hide ow well thats life laugh tried it and it failed
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: static ip - 09/08/03 04:04 PM

It's definitely a network-specific feature. Even in this day and age not many large networks have address masking as a standard "on connect" function.
Posted By: bobbob

Re: static ip - 04/05/04 01:23 AM

Great thanks, works for me.
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