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Posted By: sensei_55

mIRC - 30/12/02 05:14 PM

hi everyone im looking for a mIRC called FFULTIMA V~2,, and can not find it anywere if someone could send me the right way to find it
ty have a great day
sensei_55 ( lamer)
Posted By: Merlin

Re: mIRC - 30/12/02 06:55 PM

There is only one mIRC which can be found here - If you are looking for a script for mIRC search the web.
Posted By: gemeau50

Re: mIRC - 30/12/02 08:03 PM

Seems to be a MSN script


under MSN script
Posted By: sensei_55

Re: mIRC - 31/12/02 07:05 AM

thank you for the site went there and they had FFULTIMA V-1 that the old ocx ...ty im looking for V-2 with the new oxc ty like i sayed before let me know
smile smile smile wink wink wink
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