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Posted By: aasmund [10107] Unknown Error - 30/12/02 02:37 AM
I am disconnected now and then and get this error.

What are wrong, and how do i prevent this to happend again?
Posted By: Hammer Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 30/12/02 02:44 AM
Don't worry about it unless you start getting it regularly. It's not a mIRC problem and it's not a server problem - most likely.
Posted By: aasmund Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 30/12/02 07:48 AM
I get it all the time.
After a few hours and mirc disconnect.
Posted By: Merlin Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 30/12/02 06:59 PM
I can't find your error number - so I assume you have it misspelled.
Take a look at this website
Posted By: gemeau50 Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 30/12/02 08:15 PM
Means nothing to me, but you might be able to make sens out of it.


10107 Error with IMAP SUBSCRIBE
Posted By: aasmund Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 02/01/03 06:08 AM
Thanks, I did manage to solve that error with starting
the imapi services.
But then i got this new error in mirc.

Send error [10038] Socket operation on non-socket
Posted By: Time4aHoliday Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 02/01/03 06:23 AM
I used to get the 'Socket operation on non-socket' message when I was trying to get connected to an IRC server but wasn't connected to my ISP lol .. used to happen in between being disconnected from my isp to when I got connected again ..
Posted By: AGnome Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 10/01/03 08:48 PM
how did you fix it?
Posted By: broy Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 04/03/03 08:46 PM
OK, im getting a software connection error and this is what that site says:

Answer/Solution: A connection abort was caused internal to your host machine. The software caused a connection abort because there is no space on the socket's queue and the socket cannot receive further connections.

What do i do????? It doesn't give you an answer
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 12:07 AM
Altho this thread is regarding the 10107 error, what you describe is 10053,"software caused connection abort" error, and you did say you are getting "software error" so i will reply with info on 10053 error. If you are in fact seeing "10107 unknown error", my apologies in advance.

That 10053 error seems to be common with winxp users, especially during dccs. You can use the search feature, all forums and expand the date range to see them all. this thread pretty much lists all the things ppl have tried. If you are using xp, doesnt seem like any one solution works for everyone.
Posted By: The_Game Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 03:19 AM
Um are you sure its the 10053 error cause the topic states a totally different one....just pointing it out so as you don't point users to something different...If i'm wrong then I will say this now. "My Bad!"
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 06:49 AM
Ty TheGame.. i wondered myself, but Broy's post describes the 10053 error, and he said "software error"while the 10107 is an imap error. I'll edit my post to clarify why i replied as i did.

Posted By: broy Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 08:15 PM
sorry, im getting this error:

[10053] Software caused connection abort
* Disconnected
Posted By: broy Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 08:19 PM
OK, these forums are WICKED RETARDED! All you do is link to another thread, and then that thread links back to here. Weill you just give me an answer besides "Check Here:"

Copy and paste if you have to i dont care, just get me the answer mad
Posted By: Poppy Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 08:34 PM
That would be because there is no single answer to the question. Different people have found different solutions to the same problem, and there is no reason to start another thread on a topic that seems to have been exhausted. You may just find an answer that applies to you if you read the thread you're directed to. It is a known bug - whether it's a mIRC bug or a fault with XP is arguable. Name calling won't get you anywhere either - the people that help out on these forums are volunteers. Nobody claims to have the answer to every single question.
Posted By: The_Game Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 09:03 PM

To Broy: The reason why we link to other threads is because maybe someone else has answered the same question or given possible solutions. As for this forum being wicked retarded, Its wicked repetitive...Had you done the search provided by the link above, You search for "10053" on "All Posts" and "All Forums" You would have been given alot of threads for you to sort throught to help you resolve your problem.

To Parabrat: I was kinda wondering is why I posted....note the "My Bad!" in my last post. LOL
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 10:29 PM
np TheGame, after i figured out what i thought Broy was really asking about i should have clarified in my post to start with why i answered as i did. i'd much rather someone asked for clarification like you did so i can edit and explain, than take a chance i was having a coffee-deprived day and gave a wrong answer
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 05/03/03 10:39 PM
First you post on a thread about a totally different error than you in fact got. Then you dont bother telling us the error, leaving it to us to figure out what you are asking so we can give you the right answer. I then explain its a common error with no one solution etc and take the time to find the best thread for you to look at and tell you how to find others. You follow this by being rude, demanding, and call us names?

I told you how to find the answer, i checked to be sure i hadnt posted the wrong link... now if you cant be bothered reading it and would rather be insulting, then live with the problem.
Posted By: The_Game Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 06/03/03 12:42 AM
Would that be coffee deprived or cookie deprived? smile LOL
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 06/03/03 02:08 AM
both grin
Posted By: Watchdog Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 06/03/03 07:02 PM
I'll have some cookies, life is too short to drink coffee though. :tongue:
Posted By: The_Game Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 06/03/03 11:37 PM
Thats why I drink the occasional beer...life is short LOL sometimes with or without the pretzels...
Posted By: abee02 Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 20/01/05 11:29 PM
[10107] Unknown Error

that's exactly what im getting, and i tried to go on the link posted but it's giving me an error message, can anyone plz explain in plain english cuz im so confused. it connects for like 30 secs. on a channel and then disconnects right after. confused
Posted By: Online Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 21/01/05 03:16 AM
If you have any active antivirus or firewall software, you may want to disable it and see if it helps the problem.
Posted By: abee02 Re: [10107] Unknown Error - 21/01/05 08:44 AM
hmm.. tried that already, didnt' help, thanks though smirk
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