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Posted By: JedStar

Greetings - 01/04/21 07:34 AM

Howdy fellow IRC life travellers.... Firstly I just wanna say how awesome IRC is and that I've been using mIRC off and on since 1996... I've seen plenty of awesome stuff on IRC and am hoping to see so much more....

I've basically been re-active around IRC Networks since 2014 again after a short break and I am grateful that I am able to run a small-medium IRC Network which now has been operating for 5 years now at least...

Apart from the obvious of registering your network on sites suck as netsplit.de .... Are there any other sites like Netsplit where you can register your network details????

Also I have had a thought for a while now of creating a website about everything about IRC from IRC Clients, Servers etc etc and having some really good details about different IRC related things... Like a one stop site for all your IRC needs, knowledge etc etc... Are there any sites like that around???

I look forward to seeing you all around the IRC Networks


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