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New: GitHub mirc syntax highlighting

Posted By: kap

New: GitHub mirc syntax highlighting - 01/02/20 03:38 PM

Everybody excited?!

Only just really noticed it now...
[Linked Image from usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com]

Webby: https://github.com/github/linguist/pull/4652
Posted By: DooMaster

Re: New: GitHub mirc syntax highlighting - 02/02/20 04:49 PM


It seems that guy has Archived his repo, so all new mIRC updates cannot be included in GitHub because noone can open a new pull request to add the new stuff, also it seems that missing some stuff from commands/identifiers, so It would be nice if the author of this git is here to allow us to create some new pull requests to include some updates/changes/fixes.

He can join on Freenode ##mirc at least to have a communication if he uses mirc, or at least to leave out any contact details so we can contact him directly.

- LOL!
Posted By: kap

Re: New: GitHub mirc syntax highlighting - 02/02/20 10:28 PM

Feel free to add your support to: https://github.com/github/linguist/pull/4652#issuecomment-581158800
Posted By: SykO

Re: New: GitHub mirc syntax highlighting - 03/02/20 06:33 AM

Hello guys, great news: First, the repo was unarchived. Second, I was invited to the contributors' list. Third: me and kap are working on a vscode extension. Part of the extension is to add an up-to-date syntax highlighting support for msl to vscode. Therefore, this will also be used to update the repo linked to linguist. All help, suggestions, and comments are welcome and appreciated.
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