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mIRC configuration?

Posted By: kap

mIRC configuration? - 03/11/19 03:01 AM

I am wondering what your mIRC configuration is / how you choose to run mIRC...

I always install mirc to %programfiles% and mirc.ini sits in %appdata%\mIRC. If I need another environment, I create a shortcut with the -r parameter: "c:\program files (x86)\mirc\mirc.exe -r%appdata%\env1"

Do you use mirc.exe in the same folder as mirc.ini? Do you have multiple mirc.exe's in separate folders?

What is your configuration?
Posted By: KindOne

Re: mIRC configuration? - 03/11/19 11:36 PM

This is my mess, I don't use the -r switch. All versions are compartmentalized, but they share the same script folder.

; Current stable version of mIRC I keep running 24/7:

C:\mirc\ ; mirc.exe, mirc.ini, everything else included, copy of spaces.dll for this specific version.

; Old versions:

C:\mirc-old\6\6.35\ ; Same as above.
C:\mirc-old\7\7.48\ ; Same as above.
C:\mirc-old\7\beta\7.57.2425\ ; Same as above, and contents of the beta.zip, but without spaces.dll (since they don't work for betas)

; Scripts:
; Git repo. Updated whenever I make changes to my scripts.

C:\scripts\ ; All my scripts.
C:\scripts\247-scripts.mrc ; Load all scripts for my copy I run 24/7.
C:\scripts\old-scripts.mrc ; Load only certain scripts for older versions.

Hash tables:
; Hash tables for all my scripts.
; Separate git repo because I do not want the changes filling up my git log for scripts.

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