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Appreciation for Khaled

Posted By: NrWarren

Appreciation for Khaled - 26/04/19 07:49 AM

I would just like to take a moment to say, Thank you
very much Khaled, for taking the time over the years,
to create this amazing program we call mIRC.

About 20 years ago, when i was a teenager, i remember
i would download the mIRC help file, and i would study
it in my bedroom (on my old 486, windows 3.1), learning
to teach myself how to script. time, that i still consider
well spent.

i also have never been one to purchase programs, but one
day i reached a point, where... i said to myself, "i have
used this program so many times over the years... i need
to give back to the creator.", so i purchased/registered
my copy of mIRC.

anyways, I am happy to see that Khaled to this day is
still developing for the program, and i still use this
program almost every single day. I've created some pretty
fantastic things with its simple easy to use scripting

that is one thing i always thought could of been improved
though... is like a "themed" scripting interface, with
syntax highlighting.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication Khaled, as a
developer myself, your hard work inspires me. If you
have a moment, maybe you could tell us about your routine
you go through... like how much time you alot yourself to
work on mIRC, and what your morning routine is like. I
would find that fascinating.

Thank you!
and God bless smile
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Appreciation for Khaled - 27/04/19 12:53 PM

Thanks, glad you've found it useful :-)
Posted By: afterdeck

Re: Appreciation for Khaled - 05/08/19 12:12 PM

Not to create a new topic... Here is my story.
Started using IRC as a teenager, quickly switched to Unix systems and used mostly CLI-based clients.
Now, due to certain circumstances, have to use Windows and... Hey, there was this application called mIRC, perhaps let's give it a go? smile
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